About me



Hey there! My name is Daiane Chaves. I am 33 years old. I have three children,Tristan, Skyler, and Alexander. That is where my photography's name came from. I was born in Sao Paulo Brazil. I came to the United States when I was seven years old with my two brothers, and my mom. I have been doing photography on and off for a few years, but now I am excited to be doing it as a business. I am always learning something new. I am all about natural lighting, and I am willing to take any type of photos. I always want to do different kind of photography so there is not a specific photo type that I do. Eventually I will go out of my comfort zone, and do weddings, and newborns, but for now I do boudoir, kids, animals, food, families, maternity, engagement  you name it I will do it. I am a very easy going person and I promise I will get you out of your bubble and the photo shoot will be so much fun. I think that bribing kids during a photo shoot is completely okay and never frowned upon! Now let's make some memories!