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Are you a healthy mom?

Hey there mommas and fellow Queens! Are you a healthy mom? What do I mean by this is we moms always put our self last! We need to stop doing that because in a lot of households mothers are the foundation what keeps everything afloat and raise their kiddos! I am a stay at home mom. But I also run my own business from my home. So it's best of both worlds! I worked all my pregnancies and after having the kids but after my youngest I just couldn't do it. My separation anxiety from my kids sucked. So I changed my career. Now fast forward to now. I am mostly healthy. There's always room to be healthier. If it's cutting down juice or soda. Making shakes what ever it is. Do it! We moms need to take care of our self. I bet you momma that is reading this right now. Your babies are all up to date with their doctors, dentist and so on. Now think to your self are you also taking care of you? Are you up to date with your doctors and the dentist and so on? You are the rock, you are what keeps their little world moving. So a healthy you is a better you, a better you is a better version of your self growing up in your little humans! Make the appointment and make it work. It's ok to take the time to care for you and if you can't because of kids? Well guess what, most doctors always allows you to bring them and some even will help. If not hey I'm here maybe I can help! The physical things are important too remember that! Don't allow mother hood to take away from you taking care of your self as well! Did you know people who gets up and gets ready for their day even being home are more likely to have a healthier life. What that's easy. Some days I don't want to change or even get ready for the day. But it's important that we do take care of our self as well. As far as taking care of our skin, painting our nails, doing our hair. Make up if you like makeup. It's ok to get pretty to stay home! It boosts your confidence and that shows! Don't let the chaos of being a mom and the busy life to take away from you taking care of you self!

Do you have someone you vent to? Someone you can go to even if it's more then just one person. I have a small circle but the best circle. My friends have been there for me throughout the most shittiest moments of my life. To losing my parents, to divorce, to heartbreak, and through depression now they are here through the best moments. Find you that person because sometimes all you need is to just see them. Make the time to see you friends. Don't allow our crazy schedule as moms to not get together with your friends even if it's for only an hour. Even if you drive more then an hour. See them. Call them speak to them. Are your friends healthy? Have you checked on your friends? Are they taking care of them selves along their kiddos. Bring the kids if you need to. It's okay to love your friends kids like your own! I know I do! I love them so much. I love bringing my kids to see my friends because they also love my kids. All Im saying is don't let life the chaos of life and the crazy running around take you away from living your life to the fullest and actually enjoying it. Because tomorrow is not promised! So go shower, go brush your hair, put that nice shirt on and make your bed! Look at you! Now go be a healthy momma. Your little humans depend on you. Our kids depend on us to be the best we can to teach kindness, self love, self care, and compassion. It all begins with us and how healthy we are! So go be healthy in every way you can!

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