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Updated: Feb 8

Hello my lovelies!!! I have decided to start. A blog " The Raw and the Unfiltered" because I want to share and also help as many mommas, and women out there! The blog entries will be once a week and each week it will be a different topic. There will be a comment area where all kind comments are welcomed. I'll be able to engage with all of you and everyone together. Let's keep this an empowering, inspiring, positive place. The blogs will be raw and very unfiltered. It will be about things that are not talked about but should be talked about, because honestly we all have been through it in some way or another or know someone who has. Some topics that I will talk to you ladies are but not limited to: Pregnancy, raising kids, PPD/A, family loss and still having to parent, Parenting , the raw parts of life, the things that makes us women Queens, and so on! I will be sharing moments/ experiences of my life and what I have to offer to help anyone who may have been through it. I want this page to help connect many women and mommas out there no matter the age, race, and life choices. Share my site with all the women in your life. Being your mom, grandmothers, sisters, cousins and friends. I would love to hear your stories and I want this to be a place where the raw moments of life is talked about and we can feel less alone at times! The first blog entry will be Monday February 6Th. What shall we talk about?

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