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Motherhood “The Raw and The Unfiltered”

Motherhood is the most amazing, frustrating, fulfilling, and hardest thing ever! There is NO mother out there that hasn't lost her shit once or twice or maybe even a few more times. Does that make you a bad mom NOPE it makes us human! Being a mom is so hard. There are times that you wake up and the kids just plain bully you all damn day then to end the night they say the sweetest thing making it all worth it! Motherhood at its finest! I am the most patient person And mother. But I still get frustrated. I'm a strict not strict mom If that even makes sense. I’m an anxious mom, but not a helicopter mom. I let them roam but with safety. There's no right or wrong way to be a mom. Unless you are just a shitty human that mistreats your kids because you just plain suck. That’s definitely the wrong way to be a mom. But I’m saying what I do with my children the way I raise them might not be the way you raise yours and that’s completely okay! My kids are very routine, because my life is very routine. The reason why is, because it’s what works for my mental health. I have to have order, and know what’s happening next. When you have multiple kids or just one kid. Routine is key!

What kind of mom are you? Are you the mom who feels guilty for doing something for yourself? The mom who wakes up ready to mom even when you just want to sleep a little longer. The mom who was up all night with babies but still has so much love to give. I’m all those types of moms. The happy, playful,mean mom, the careless mom, and all the above mom! Motherhood is so hard. There are times that your kids just don’t listen, they just drive you crazy! Being a mom is lonely as hell. There are days that you literally feel so alone because there are times that we feel that no matter what we do as a mom it always feels that we are doing something wrong! But we aren’t. There are days you feel over stimulated and just want to scream and cry, do it! Not at the kids obviously but just scream go outside use a pillow whatever. There’s no right way. We are all doing what we think is best for our family and what works for us! For moms to judge other moms that’s just stupid and ridiculous because all good moms and all the real moms out there want the same. That’s the best for their children no matter what! Being a mother is my absolute favorite thing to do. It’s my most fulfilling duty. It's a Damn lie if I say I never lost my mind a little bit while mommying. ( I know not a word) There’s no sick days, no days off. There will NEVER be a time where you aren’t worried about your kids in some way. Did they eat? Are they happy? Was I a good mom today? Stop criticizing yourself as a mom and be the best kick ass mom in your own way. Stop comparing how others parent. You do what’s best for your kids and whoever has a negative attitude towards any of it. You can simply say fuck off you don’t pay my bills!

Momma's it’s ok to take a day to yourself! Or a few hours. Do it. We need it. We need to feel human and feel like ourselves more. No one talks about the fact that when we have a kid we no longer will be just Daiane or just whoever. We are now a Mother! Everything’s changed.

Remember even if it’s just an hour or two a day that is really all you need! Put that makeup on. Put that nice outfit on. Listen to some music. Take that hour shower! Skip folding that laundry. Ask for help if you need it. Hangout with your mommy friends with your kids. That’s the best therapy ever! Tell me please. I want to know! I want to know what type of mother you are. What is the most frustrating thing to you as a mom? What's your goal as a mother, how do you see motherhood? What’s motherhood to you?

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