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Pregnancy and Postpartum

Oh hey there me again! Some of of you may not know me. My name is Daiane and I am a mother to 3 kiddos. Soon I'll be momma to 4 kiddos no im not pregnant but my fiancé has a son and I'll be his step momma and that makes my heart full because I do very much love him! But anyways enough about me. I know that there are so many mommas out there that has experienced great and not so great experiences with pregnancy! So let's talk about it! I may ramble on just stick with me and let's keep reading.

I remember my first pregnancy took me forever to get pregnant then finally did and it was an overall easy pregnancy! But the labor was awful. Then fast forward Bam you have the baby. No one talks about how hard it is to adjust to anew life. Your whole world changed. You have literally changed physically and emotionally. Some new momma or mommas deal with so much new things, some have help and some don't regardless its hard as shit, Sometimes it becomes so Overwhelming. They have to take care of a new baby and also "bounce" back to their bodies prior! News check that WILL NEVER happen. You may be stronger and better but you will never have that same body. Your new body is so much better you literally made a baby that's amazing! Everything takes time. Give your body, your mind and your mental state the time it needs to adjust to a whole new world a whole new life! I feel that many mommas go through emotions alone and deal with things alone because they may be worried about mom shamming. How is that even a thing! Stop making moms feel that they aren't doing a good job! What works for them may not work for you and that's completely okay! Obviously unless they are just being shitty ass moms. Okay moving on.

Can we talk about first time pregnancy! You don't know what to fully expect. As our body gets ready to create life we are literally the only vessel that welcomes life into this world aside from other living things. It's something beautiful! But it's not ALWAYS beautiful! Pregnancy comes with stress,

body image changing, taste changing, weight gaining and also hormone changing, and the list goes on and on! Don't get me wrong I'm not here to talk about the beauty of pregnancy I'm here to talk about the real things that doesn't get talked about but should. I have seen new mommas have horrible first pregnancies or pregnancy in general and they feel alone at times because these things aren't shared. I think that there's too many mommas out there going through loss alone getting pregnant alone. Trying alone and happiness alone. That should never be a thing!

Let's talk about baby loss now, that is something that should be talked about because there's many mommas who are suffering and feel that they can't talk about it. That no one will understand and they feel awful like they are the reason something happened to that unborn child. That momma will never be the same again! The pain is not going away. Allow those mommas to feel their emotions and grow from them don't just think that hey it's been a month or so she's fine now. Wrong she's not! She's pretending she's ok because she DOES NOT want to bother your daily day!

But Well hey I'm here. I'll always be here. Your hurt will never be too much for me to not help. The person who will always want the best for you! Always reach out if needed. Now let's move on.

Let's talk about how as soon as a baby is born that's where you realize who's really there for you! I have honestly like 5 friends that are my life! Two that I talk to everyday and my fiancé and my brother and my children the rest not really. That's okay! But what's not ok is people who think it's your job to reach out all the time. So avoiding toxic to protect your well being as a person and also a mother is needed and very much encouraged. I think people should stop giving a fuck of what others think. Yeah I said it. Haha but anyways back to Pregnancy its not all rainbows and butterflies. It's painful. It sucks. And yet we do it. Yet is beautiful! Our bodies change so much and it will never be how it was before and that's beautiful and yet terrifying. I personally know many mommas who have had such heartbreaks with building a family and things not going as planned or as they wished. It makes me realize that those moments of heartbreak that those mommas shouldn't feel that they cant talk about it. Us moms we always put the needs of others first and don't realize that we also need to care about our self as well. Our health and our mental health! It's ok to not be ok. It's ok to talk about it. It won't make you weak. It won't make you bad. Check on your friends because honestly you may not even know what they are dealing with. Be there. Say hey how are you how are the kids. I miss you. Let's chat let's catch up. Find your circle. Find your peace! Being a momma is so damn hard. But yet the most beautiful thing ever!

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